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Whether you are embarking on your first home design or this process is familiar to you, it is important to have an experienced team to lead you to success. From the largest concern to the smallest detail, VanBrouck & Associates has the knowledge and talent to guide you.

We walk with you through our three-step Client Relationship Process, working at your pace and dedicating our time and resources to clarifying every issue.  We do not move to the next step of the relationship until you say so.

1 Step One, Preliminary Design
In this very important stage, we take the time to learn about your tastes and ideas, your lifestyle and your new home’s site. We incorporate all of this into a Personalized Program Criteria, which we use to design and prepare conceptual drawings, complete with floor plans and a front exterior sketch. These drawings will creatively and artistically reflect all of your program requirements. We progress to Step Two only when you are ready.

2 Step Two, Design Development
Once you have approved the conceptual drawings, we work with our team of professionals to create preliminary computer drafted files. This exciting step will allow you to view computer drawings of what your home will begin to look like. Any necessary revisions will be made to ensure that all of your design and program requirements are satisfied.

3 Step Three, Final Construction Drawings
Once you approve the preliminary computer drawings, we move forward to complete your final construction drawings. These professional drawings are engineered with all necessary dimensions and details. Final drawings may be used to obtain bids from potential builders, or passed directly to a builder you have identified. We will also be happy to assist you with the selection of a first-class builder to suit your needs.


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