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We are an award winning, high end, custom residential design firm. Our specialty is creating distinctive luxury homes that stand out as fresh, innovative and timeless home designs. Our functional and creative home plans address the lifestyles of
today and incorporate timeless Classic Traditional and
authentic Old World European design and details.

Our design philosophy is that a home should elicit excitement, joy and pleasure as you come home to it and live in it. We
believe a custom home design should reflect the personality and lifestyle of it’s owners.

Our floor plans are extremely functional, and are designed with character, charm and elements of surprise built into each
design. Thought is given to the flow of one space into the next, the patterns of natural light flooding into rooms, design details and lighting plans.

Our home designs integrate interior spaces with the land and gardens that surround them. It all starts with good design. We make it easy, effortless and fun to custom design the best home that fits your lifestyle, location and budget.
We are a boutique sized luxury residential design firm, which enables us to give individual attention to every client and custom home design project. We listen to your dreams, your desires and your concerns to design the perfect custom home for you. We can design a home for you in any state in the USA, Canada or the Caribbean.
View our: Client Testimonials
21 of our clients share their home design experiences.
We create beautiful home designs that win awards. Our strength is creating fresh, functional and creative home designs and house plans with Classic Traditional and Old World European design elements. We have designed over 1,000 luxury homes that vary in design style and size.
Our custom homes have been built throughout Southeastern Michigan in many cities including Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township, Orchard Lake, Birmingham, West Bloomfield, Franklin, Bingham Farms, Royal Oak, Farmington Hills, Rochester Hills, Novi, Northville, Ann Arbor, Milford and Brighton. Our homes have also been built throughout North Carolina and South Carolina including Charlotte, South Park, Lake Norman area, Lake Wylie area, Ocean Isle Beach on the Atlantic coast, and outside of Asheville.
Many of our custom homes have won numerous top design awards in the “Detroit Home Design Awards” as well as design awards in the “Parade of Homes” and the “Charlotte HomeArama” in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Our homes have been featured in numerous publications including “Detroit Home” magazine, “The Detroit News”, “The Detroit Free Press”, “Charlotte Living” magazine, Charlotte’s “Today’s Custom Home” magazine, “Lake Wylie Living” magazine, “Palisades” magazine, Charlotte’s “HomeArama 2008” magazine, and Metro Detroit’s “Styleline” magazine.
We were honored by having one of our luxury homes, a “French
Country Vernacular Residence”, selected and published in the 2011
international design book, “RESIDENTIAL SPACE - Inspiration for High Quality Life” along with 47 elite international home designs by
designers from 17 different countries including France, Italy, England, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Africa, India, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and 5 States in the USA.
View our: 2011 Detroit Home Design Awards
12 top design awards including
2 Best Overall Home Design awards and Reader’s Choice award.
We work with custom home builders, residential architects and developers to create exclusive home design collections that are tailored and themed for the specific communities where they build.
We work with the custom home builder, as a team, to create
home plan designs, home plan collections and marketing
materials for their prospective clients within the budgetary
guidelines of their business.
We also work with custom builders in designing one-of-a-kind custom homes for individuals within those communities. Our
luxury homes are designed to be built cost efficiently, while
standing out as fresh, innovative and creative home designs with classic, timeless design aesthetic and details.
View our: American Classic Collection
16 cost efficient, functional and beautiful home designs and home plans
showcasing 4 diverse design styles:
English Tudor, French Eclectic, Shingle Style, and Craftsman.
In today’s market, there is a renewed interest in “downsizing”,
with a search for the “right” floor plan that is smaller, but feels spacious.
There is a search for floor plans that are open, functional and
support today’s active lifestyles.
There is equally a desire for quality of space and craftsmanship, for a custom home that is filled with charm and character with
beautiful design, detailing and luxury appointments.
We have answered that need with home plans that are functional, cost-efficient to build, and as beautifully designed and detailed as their larger counterparts.
Our newly designed “Smart-Sized Home Collection” is a creative collection of home plans and house designs that are “right-sized”, functional, cost-efficient and filled with charm and character. We will customize any of our house plans to fit your specific needs or custom design the perfect “Smart-Sized” home for you.
These are wonderful “idea” home plans to get you started thinking about your design preferences, priorities, needs and wants to aid us in designing the perfect custom home for you and your family.
We can customize any of these home designs or design a custom home to meet your requirements and building lot restrictions, as well as comply with all state and local building codes in the USA, Canada or the Caribbean.
We can design a home for you anywhere in the USA, Canada or the Caribbean.
View our: Smart-Sized Home Collection
12 cost efficient, functional and beautiful house designs and home plans.
We have created an exceptional series of new home design collections in response to custom home builders, residential architects and individuals searching for unique, functional and creative floor plans with beautifully designed and detailed
Our home plan collections are designed to inspire you to
begin dreaming about your new custom home.
We can customize and tailor any of these house plans to your requirements and building lot as well as to comply with state and local building codes, but they are intended
primarily to get you started thinking about your design
preferences, style, requirements and desires.
Our European inspired home plan collections: French Luxury Estate, European Signature Estate, Tuscan Villa Estate and the smaller sized homes featured in the Cobblestone
Collection, incorporate authentic old world detailing into each house design. They range in style from English Tudor, English Manor, English Cottage, French Chateau, French Country, Tuscan Villa and Spanish Villa.
These European inspired home plans incorporate design
details like courtyards, wood shutters and flower boxes, wrought iron railings and balconies, gas lanterns, stone arches, authentic dormers, timber beamed ceilings and stone fireplaces into the designs.
Our Smart-Sized Homes Collection addresses the need for beautifully designed custom homes with downsized floor
plans with all of the charm and character, beautiful design, detailing and luxury appointments as their larger
counterparts. Our Smart-Sized Homes Collection is a
creative collection of home designs that are functional,
cost efficient to build, charming and full of character
Our American Classic Homeplans Collection showcases 4 home design styles: English Tudor, French Eclectic, Shingle Style and Craftsman homes.
Our Luxury Homeplans Collection features 39 custom homes of different design styles from: Villa, French Country, English Tudor, English Manor, Traditional, Shingle Style and Prairie home style.
Our Low Country Style Collection features 8 Low Country
inspired home designs rooted in the traditions of southern Main Street America.
Our Nantucket Homes Collection and Old World Homes
Collection are coming soon!

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